About us

Geoconcept Group specialises in the design and implementation of cartographic information technologies for corporate and public functions.

With our proprietary software, we aim to transform the efficiency of various organisations by intelligently combining geographical information with optimisation tools, or as we like to call it: “geo-optimisation”. Our geo-optimisation applications can improve the efficiency in a variety of areas within a business including transport & logistics, sales, operations, and territory as well as crisis management.

Since our founding in 1990, we have now helped more than 10,000 clients with over 100,000 optimised resources from 35 countries. Our headquarters are in France, with offices in China (Shanghai), India (Chennai), Japan (Tokyo) and Switzerland (Geneva).

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Geoconcept Group specializes in the design and implementation of cartographic optimization technologies that facilitate delivery & territory management.,捷坤信息技术(上海)有限公司,

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