Geoconcept Web 6.0 is available!

Geoconcept Web 6.0 is using the same kernel as Geoconcept 8.0 and we have added thousands of new features in this major release such as:

* full 64-bits architecture
* new kernel
* new drawing engine
* new display library
* maps with 12/24 scales
* centralised authentication, (Active directory, SSO)
* composite layers
* object grouping
* masks
* dissemination from the Geoconcept GIS improvements
* isochrone widget
* selection widget
* complete redesign of the advanced layers manager widget
* new web service: Compact matrix calculation
* multiple visit windows on Optimization web service
* Object search web service improvements
* calculation of the route’s carbon footprint on Route web service
* restricted access zones and nodes notion on the web services based on SmartRouting engine

and much more ...


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