More than 100,000 resources use our geographic optimization solutions on a daily basis:

Discover some of our customer references for each industry:


Consumer Goods

Construction and Industry




Carrefour uses our solution to schedule appointments with superstores in real time for home delivery of bulk products.

Casino Group

The Casino Group uses our solution to plan and optimise route schedules for its online sales subsidiary, CDiscount. The company uses Opti-Time to plan itineraries for more than 220 drivers and create the best store delivery schedules.


ATOL uses them to develop and organize its national sales outlet network. ATOL's marketing analysis department optimizes local communication by running daily map-based activity reports as well as geographical analyses for the brand's opticians.

Consumer Goods

Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard China uses our geomarketing solution to view and analyse its sales teams’ performance. Pernod Ricard China models its data and performs various types of simulation using local mapping data.

L'Oréal UK & Ireland

L'Oréal Professional Products Division (LPPD), already a customer of our Spanish subsidiary, wanted to streamline and inject momentum into the process for managing and distributing the territories covered by its teams. L'Oréal UK & Ireland, a customer of our partner in the UK, Mapmechanics, uses the Geoconcept GIS and Geoconcept Territory Manager geographical sectoring solution as well as our cartographic data. 

La Normande

A subsidiary of the Sodexo Group, La Normande produces and distributes hot and cold ready meals for private and public customers. Based near Dieppe (France), the company is the central kitchen nationally, boasting the biggest production capacity while managing a small number of meals for each subscribing customer with the average being 46 meals per dining location.



“The software increases our efficiency by helping re-plan our sales territories taking into consideration all of the geographical data.”

IMS Health

World leader in studies and consultancy for the drug industry and healthcare players, IMS has chosen to equip itself with the Geoconcept Territory Manager solution for sectorization.

Air Liquide Medicinal

Air Liquide Medicinal, the world leader for gas supplied for industrial and medical use, chose TourSolver solution of the Group GEOCONCEPT to optimize the delivery of oxygen cylinders performed by means of approximately twenty chartered vehicles.

Construction and Industry

Hörmann Beijing Trading Co. Ltd 

Hörman Beijing is a manufacturer of doors for housing and industry operating in the European, North American and Asian markets. Hörman Beijing conducts thematic analyses using our Sales & Marketing Portal Geomarketing solution to display their coverage in China (40 retail outlets), conduct location studies, generate reports.


Messer schedules and optimises its delivery plans for gas tank trucks in China with Geoconcept solutions. The Group defines daily optimal routes, adapted to the specificities of vehicles and to the weather conditions.

Peugeot UK

Peugeot UK uses GEOCONCEPT Gis and Here cartographic data to help its dealers target customers with more precision, and analyse their performance more effectively.
Peugeot models driving time for its 300 franchisees outlets. The solution aslo allows to know the atractivity of each site.


The Opti-Time Geoscheduling solution makes it possible to organize the movements of CARGLASS® workshop vehicles while taking account of team availability, technical constraints and the customer’s whereabouts. 

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