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Geoconcept is the undisputed market and technology leader in geographical optimization. 
Our singular focus on optimizing logistics and sales processes has provided quantifiable value for the most demanding organizations; driving Costs Reduction and Sales Revenues across China.

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Benchmarked hundreds of times and recognized for their Performance and Quality, our Data and Software are unrivaled.

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We help people use and gain new insights leveraging Geography.
"We transform the way organizations use data to be competitive. And it has never been more important."

(East-Asia Director, Geoconcept Group)

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With over 26 years of Innovation and Successful Projects, there is nothing we have not seen or done before.

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Geoconcept’s GIS mapping & operations management software helps businesses to optimize daily fleet movements and sales territories through geographical data.,捷坤信息技术(上海)有限公司,

GIS Mapping & Route Optimization Software | GEOCONCEPT CHINA-捷坤信息技术(上海)有限公司

Geoconcept, GIS mapping, operations management software, fleet optimization, sales optimization, territory management,捷坤信息技术(上海)有限公司