Geoconcept Geoptimization solution helps customers reduce transport cost with advanced geographic information and technologies.
You can manage your vehicle fleet better. Or negotiate better with your contractors to get a lower cost solution.

Logistics Organization Platform
Routing Data

Logistics Organization Platform

  • Delivery Territories Management
  • Delivery Visits Management

Routing Data (Nationwide)

  • Administrative Boundaries
  • Detailed Road Network
  • GIS & Routing Software Compliant Format
Delivery Territories Management

This functionality enables you to define the logistics sectors best suited to your current supply chain network.

This decision-making tool harnesses the company’s data to build optimized areas which results in

  • A practical and easy to set-up shipment orders assignment for each warehouse
  • Balanced load quantities between each delivery sectors
  • Assigning quickly new orders to depots, contractors or vehicles
  • A visually clear delivery area for each driver or contractor


Overall, save time in organizing your fleet and reach a potential of 10% decrease in costs from less time spent on the road.

Territory Management Demo

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Delivery Visits Management

This functionality enables you to

  • Estimate your transport costs based on shipments to deliver and use this as leverage to negotiate with your contractors. 
  • Define an optimized visit by visit planning for your vehicle fleet or your contractor. 

This field tool harnesses all your business requirements to build the best sequence of visits to reach peak efficiency. 

Consequently, you will 

  • Spend no time planning the delivery visits
  • Always be on time to deliver your goods
  • Waste less time Traveling
  • Improve Service Quality through shorter and guaranteed delivery time windows for customers


Overall, see the information from our platform to drive down your costs with your Third Party Logistics Providers.
Spend no time planning your delivery visits and benefit from a 15% decrease in transport costs from kilometers saved.

Feature Introduction

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Solution Demo

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Use vector data to create a distance matrix or use it in your vehicle optimization software.
This database is the most accurate in China and is updated every quarter.

  • Administrative Boundaries (Province, City, Districts, Counties)
  • 2,850 cities
  • 5 millions kilometers of road
  • Detailed Navigation Attributes
  • Delivered as RDF or SHP formats.
Geoconcept can provide tailored services using its software and data.
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Logistics Territory Creation
Bus Route Study

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